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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
Does anybody know if you would be able to cast this for big cats in rivers.
Recent Question:
What size screws and nuts do we need?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
is the 12000 thunnus ci4 lefthand retrieve?
will 20lb test line work on this frc6000 reel
Is electrical tape fine to use as a backing on this reel for braid?
I want to use this reel fishing for salmon in freshwater rivers. Will this be okay?

Saltwater Fishing Reels Q & A

20 Questions : 62 Answers
Recent Question:
How do you manually guide the line during the retrieve if there is no line guide on this reel?
16 Questions : 58 Answers
Recent Question:
What size weight should i use for surf casting?
13 Questions : 36 Answers
Recent Question:
what model would be good for large freshwater AND going to saltwater for stripers?
7 Questions : 20 Answers
Recent Question:
does this reel have a silent clicker?
7 Questions : 20 Answers
Recent Question:
Does this reel have a bait clicker?
4 Questions : 17 Answers
Recent Question:
how long of a rod would you recommend for the shimano 8000d w/ 50# power pro line for big cats?
5 Questions : 16 Answers
Recent Question:
good size rod for surf fishing
7 Questions : 16 Answers
Recent Question:
is this a good reel for beginners like me learning to cast and can you compare it to a tld
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