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Most Recent Questions
Recent Question:
Penn saltwater fishing spinning reels
Recent Question:
What is the difference between the BG15 and the BG 20? Does the BG20 just have a bigger spool or is the whole reel a little bigger?
Recent Question:
Weight? maximum drag? How many balls bearing? Off shore ? Water proof? And more specifications.
Questions with Most Recent Answers
What's the drag on the 4000?
what is the max drag on the FRC3000
What Penn Fierce/Battle II Reels work work well on the 12' Ugly Stick BWS1100120

Saltwater Fishing Reels Q & A

47 Questions : 155 Answers
Recent Question:
Is the 8000 too big for stripers?
16 Questions : 78 Answers
Recent Question:
How many yards of 100lb mono can this reel hold
20 Questions : 62 Answers
Recent Question:
How do you manually guide the line during the retrieve if there is no line guide on this reel?
16 Questions : 52 Answers
Recent Question:
Is this reel good for shark fishing? and what type of sharks is it good for?
13 Questions : 36 Answers
Recent Question:
what model would be good for large freshwater AND going to saltwater for stripers?
7 Questions : 20 Answers
Recent Question:
Does this reel have a bait clicker?
7 Questions : 19 Answers
Recent Question:
does this reel have a silent clicker?
4 Questions : 18 Answers
Recent Question:
Can you use braided line with this reel?
4 Questions : 17 Answers
Recent Question:
how long of a rod would you recommend for the shimano 8000d w/ 50# power pro line for big cats?
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