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Most Recent Questions
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What size reel would be best to go with a 7' medium power rod?
Recent Question:
What size reel would be best for my application?
Recent Question:
Does this reel have an audible bait clicker?
Recent Question:
does it fit the Tanacom 1000 ?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
which model is good for fish like tuna or yellowtail?
Does this reel not have a worm gear. If not then how you keep the line even
Does this reel have an audible bait clicker?
What are the pinion gear and main gear made of in the SSV3500?

Saltwater Reels Q & A

20 Questions : 66 Answers
Recent Question:
How do you manually guide the line during the retrieve if there is no line guide on this reel?
16 Questions : 61 Answers
Recent Question:
What size weight should i use for surf casting?
13 Questions : 37 Answers
Recent Question:
what model would be good for large freshwater AND going to saltwater for stripers?
7 Questions : 23 Answers
Recent Question:
good size rod for surf fishing
7 Questions : 22 Answers
Recent Question:
Does this reel have a bait clicker?
8 Questions : 21 Answers
Recent Question:
does this reel have a silent clicker?
7 Questions : 18 Answers
Recent Question:
is this a good reel for beginners like me learning to cast and can you compare it to a tld
8 Questions : 16 Answers
Recent Question:
i fish for dolphin alot and was intrestied in this reel just wondering on what rod to match it up with. Can yall help
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