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Tackle Industries Tackle Industries Super D Swimbaits - Magnum or Regular

The durable, soft plastic Tackle Industries Super D™ Swimbaits have all the features to make them one of the top producing musky and pike lures in your arsenal. An internal harness and a jighead give the Super D Swimbaits a super durable and tough backbone, while its detailed soft plastic body with 3-D eyes, lateral fins, gill plates and curly tail seductively swims through the water at a 45 degree angle on the fall and horizontally on the retrieve. The internal harness and four lateral fins give the Super D Swimbaits the balance and stability needed to rock back and forth on the retrieve which drives musky, pike and other gamefish to strike. The Super D Swimbaits are effective at any speed, can be twitched or jerked over weeds, on weed edges and on or around structure. Outfitted with triple split rings and heavy-duty 3X brass hooks. Proven musky and pike actions Internal ''Body Lock'' Harness creates ultra-tough backbone Detailed finishes with 3-D eyes, lateral fins, gill plates, curly tail and internal rattles Four lateral fins provide balance and stability Effective at any retrieve speed Outfitted with triple split rings and heavy-duty 3X brass hooks Magnum Super D Swimbaits measure 18'' with tail out and weigh 8 oz. Regular Super D Swimbaits measure 14'' with tail out and weigh 5 oz.
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Questions & Answers for Tackle Industries Tackle Industries Super D Swimbaits - Magnum or Regular


Does it work on tiger muskie?

Live near a lake where they stock tiger muskie, wanted to know if it works there.
asked 4 years, 2 months ago
 - kent,WA
on Tackle Industries Super D Swimbaits - Magnum or Regular
3 answers
answer 1
Yes, They work on the entire ESOX family!
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User submitted photo
answered 3 years ago
 - PA Rivers
answer 2
Works well in WV for musky. We paint red gills onto the baits for added realism. Bright red fingernail polish works well for this. Sometimes that little bit gets the strike you want. Buy 3-4 different colors and see which one your tigers might like. Seems more effective in slightly cloudy water.
answered 3 years, 11 months ago
 - Central West Va
answer 3
This really depends on the lake that you are fishing. This bait is intended for fishing for muskies. The best suggestion would be to check with local marina owners and your state's conservation department for clues on the major forage species in the lake. Then, match the lure that you are choosing to closely resemble the "hatch" that the game fish you are targeting are feeding on.
Staff Answer
answered 4 years, 2 months ago
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