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Recent Question:
im new to using a lever gun and pistol ammo because i can use it in MI for hunting. i was wondering if this soft point would work for deer hunting
Recent Question:
how would this be for deer hunting? im using a .44 rem mag
Recent Question:
is this ammo good for deer hunting......i got a .44 rem mag lever action
Recent Question:
how many rounds are in a package?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
how would this be for deer hunting? im using a .44 rem mag
Will these work in a colt 25 automatic clip.what does acp stand for

Customer Questions & Answers for
Hornady Hornady .460 S&W SST Handgun Ammo

Trust Hornady® to deliver hard hitting ammo for your favorite pistol. Hornady .460 S&W SST Handgun Ammo is loaded to the same exacting specifications as all Hornady ammunition. Every cartridge is hand inspected to ensure 100% reliability. The 200 grain bullet features a Super Shock Tip, which expands violently upon impact, transferring energy payload to the target for a swift kill. Like all Hornady® ammunition, this high performance round is built to the tightest tolerances for peak performance. Impressive 2200 fps muzzle velocity. 20 rounds. Manufacturer model #: 9152 High performance .460 S&W round 200 grain Super Shock Tip - violent expansion upon impact for big stopping power 2200 fps muzzle velocity 20 rounds
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Questions & Answers for Hornady Hornady .460 S&W SST Handgun Ammo


will this work in a taurus 24 7 pro?

asked 6 years, 1 month ago
on Hornady .460 S&W SST Handgun Ammo
2 answers
answer 1
Absolutely not.
answered 4 years, 10 months ago
 - Mobile, AL
answer 2
NO!!!!! Taurus does not make any hand cannons that you can use the .460 XVR in.
I have a .460 XVR S&W and love it!!! I was on the Taurus waiting list for over a year to get one of theirs but they never manufactured a handgun for this cartridge. Don't know why they changed their minds but they did.
answered 4 years, 11 months ago
 - Sunset Harbor, NC
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