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Tips for luring with this rod? ( first rod and I want to get into some serious fishing)
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Would either model be well suited for lead core trolling with #18 line?
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Bass Pro Shops® Crappie Maxx® Signature Series CXS Universal Crappie Rods

Well-balancedPremium IM6 graphite blanksModerate actionPac Bay Hialoy guidesEVA handleSome say a good crappie pole is worth its weight in gold, and super-versatile, well-balanced rods like these are the reason. The universal reel seat accepts any reel: baitcasting, spinning, or spincast! Premium IM6 graphite blanks with moderate action. Features include Pac Bay Hialoy guides and EVA handle.Crappie fishing has come a long way. What used to be a family-based live bait fishery now supports high-profile tournaments that draw the best anglers from around the country. This exposure has brought a ton of deadly new crappie-catching techniques into play, many of which require specialized gear. That's where Crappie Maxx™ Rods really shine. They're designed by the sharpest crappie anglers in the business, to handle everything from tightlining to spider-rigging to traditional live bait systems. So no matter how you prefer to chase your slabs, in Crappie Maxx you'll find a rod that's specially made to make your day.
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Questions & Answers for Bass Pro Shops Bass Pro Shops® Crappie Maxx® Signature Series CXS Universal Crappie Rods


Can this pole also be used for tightline and long line trolling?

With the economy I need to find something that I can use to jig and troll with. Is this rod capable of doing both?
asked 4 years, 1 month ago
 - Norcross, GA
on Bass Pro Shops® Crappie Maxx® Signature Series CXS Universal Crappie Rods
2 answers
answer 1
I haven't trolled with this rod yet, but used a 1/2 oz. sinker and 2 1/8 oz jigs for spider rigging and it handled them with ease. This rod has a soft tip , with plenty of backbone.
I'm sure it would troll small cranks very well. Keep in mind, it's a 'pandish' rod.
Good luck..
answered 3 years, 2 months ago
 - Chadron Nebraska
answer 2
Yes. This rod should be ample for doing both presentations for what you are looking for.
Staff Answer
answered 4 years ago
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