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Which St. Croix rod would you recommend is the best all around rod? For use with plastics, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits.
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Abu Garcia® Verdict Casting Rods

Extending Handle System allows for balance and ergonomic enhancement 36-ton graphite construction for a lightweight and balanced design 1-pc. double anodized aluminum screw down holds your reel securely High-density EVA handles are more durable and comfortable Titanium alloy guides with SiC inserts create a lightweight, balanced blank design Texas-rigged hook keeper for all bait applicationsWhat's the right handle length? Ask ten anglers and you'll get ten different answers. With Abu Garcia Verdict Casting Rods, it doesn't matter. The Verdict's Extending Handle System allows you to set the handle to your desired length.Fish a multitude of lures or lightweight reels on one rod and you'll have balance nightmares. The Abu Garcia Verdict Casting Rod solves all those problems and more. Adjust your handle length when using the newest lightweight reel designs. Adjust it again to create a perfect balance of handle length and feel when fishing with heavy or lightweight lures.
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Questions & Answers for Abu Garcia Abu Garcia® Verdict Casting Rods


some experience please

Could someone who has experience with high end rods please review this rod after using it for awhile. It really is getting boring reading reviews of rods by people who havin't even used the rod yet or even more than a couple times. I really rely on the reviews of people that I can easily tell they now what they are talking about . I sometimes take a chance and buy new rods before solid reviews are out but I'm bound and determined to wait it out on these rods because when I read all the reviews on the new Abu Garcia rods,Verdicts,Vendettas,Veritas, it's fairly easy to see that most of the reviews have been reviewed a little too soon for me. I myself really waited awhile to review my rods when I first bought some high end rods so that I had someting to base my opions on . Would someone else with the same resolve help me out on these rods. I'm sorry if this affends some of you who review these rods . I'm not angry just impatient for the type of review I'm looking for. Thanks for any help I can get on these rods.
asked 4 years, 7 months ago
 - Inola Okla.
on Abu Garcia® Verdict Casting Rods
3 answers
answer 1
i use this rod quite fequently. i enjoy it but it does have one flaw that in my opinion is minor. the adjustable handle will come unlocked when tucked into your arm while reeling. i use mine fulling extended so i dont notice when it happens. the feel on this rod is tremendous i can feel the difference between lake bottom, tree bumb, rocks, grass and most important fish strikes. i do recommend this rod.
answered 2 years, 9 months ago
 - Yukon, OK
answer 2
I own the Veritas and the Verdict. I have used the Falcon rods for many years. The two rods mentioned above will perform just as well as my higher dollar rods.
answered 4 years, 2 months ago
 - Mississippi
answer 3
I own Steez, Carrot Stick, St Croix, - several other top of the line rods, and the ABU Garcia Veritas is incredible value for the money. I fish the Carrot Stick (with a Daiwa Zillion) exclusively as a worm Rod, and after buying the ABU Garcia, Veritas (with an ABU Garcia Revo STX,) the combo has me constantly switching. Very responsive, excellent feel, 10 guides, and GREAT value over the higher end. I rate the Veritas a VALUE BUY for sure. PS - I have fished with it at least 30 times since it was introduced by ABU G. I rarely will reccomend a Rod outright, because everyone fishes differently and users will always have different perceptions from the same item. This is an exception to that, as its an exceptional rod for $99.
answered 4 years, 7 months ago
 - Bucks County PA

What is the wieght 6-6 casting rod med.action?

asked 4 years, 7 months ago
on Abu Garcia® Verdict Casting Rods
2 answers
answer 1
do not get a 6/6 get a 7 mh you get a better control of your cast better tip sensation.
Top 50 Contributor
Top 50 Contributor
answered 3 years, 1 month ago
 - stockton ,ca
answer 2
7' 6" Heavy Verdict
answered 4 years, 5 months ago

Is the listed length with the handle extended or retracted?

asked 3 years, 5 months ago
on Abu Garcia® Verdict Casting Rods
2 answers
answer 1
Top 1000 Contributor
Top 1000 Contributor
answered 3 years, 4 months ago
 - Pittsburgh
answer 2
Fully extended.
Top 500 Contributor
Top 500 Contributor
answered 3 years, 5 months ago
 - Central North Carolina
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