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Recent Question:
Can you use regular steel shot
Recent Question:
will this fit a beretta model 3901?
Recent Question:
will the beretta/benelli ckoke fit a stoeger p-350
Recent Question:
Will this fit a maverick 88 made by mossberg?
Recent Question:
Will this fit my Rem 11-87 Sportsman?
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Can you use regular steel shot
Is this the Black Cloud choke
will it fit heritage & richardson 20 guage single shot. I have a mod. choke in it that is 1 1/2" long
What are the ranges on these chokes>
can u yous buckshot whith it

Customer Questions & Answers for
Blackout BlackOut Turkey Choke Tubes

Enhance the effectiveness of almost any turkey gunGet tighter patterns and better down-range performanceReduced recoilWrench-free installationBlackOut Turkey Choke Tubes are built to deliver consistently uniform, tighter patterns with any of today’s advanced shot technologies. Whether you are using lead, copper-plated lead, or HEVI-shot, the BlackOut choke's 18 linear ports reduce recoil and increase pattern density. Built with 17-4 heat treated stainless steel, they feature a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish and a lifetime warranty. The extended, knurled surface allows you to get a good grip on the choke for wrench-free installation. Made in USA.
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4.167 out of 5
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Questions & Answers for Blackout BlackOut Turkey Choke Tubes


Can you use regular steel shot

Can you you steel , like Kent or Winchester
asked 6 months ago
 - ca
on BlackOut Turkey Choke Tubes
2 answers
answer 1
No, this is exclusively for turkey loads made of lead, copper plated lead, & Hevi shot. Steel shot may cause choke or barrel damage due to the tight constriction.
answered 3 months, 2 weeks ago
 - Savannah, GA
answer 2
You cannot use this choke tube for steel shot.
Staff Answer
answered 5 months, 3 weeks ago
 - Springfield MO
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