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Which is the larger, the 6 or the 2 size?
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What hooks are these made with?
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Can I snag a shark with the 12/0 version
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Are the eyes large enough to use this as a replacement hook on my musky spinnerbaits?
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Would these work for wacky rigging?
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Which is the larger, the 6 or the 2 size?
I need to know whats meen in hooks size 16,18... this number in mm or what?
Is this the hook that KVD used to replace original trebles on Sexy Shad lures?
Can you use these for flipping and pitching

Customer Questions & Answers for
Owner Owner Wide Gap Plus Hook Model 5139/5339

Designed with a deep throat and dramatically elevated point, Owner®'s Wide Gap Plus™ Hook offers an extraordinary wide gap for extra hooking power. The plus point rides above the eye, providing a more positive and effective hook set. Wide Gap Plus™ Hooks are perfect for Carolina and Texas rigging big tube baits and extra beefy soft plastic. Features include a XXX-strong forged shank, a bait-holding Z-Lock shoulder bend, Cutting Point® and a non-reflective black chrome finish. Wide Gap Plus 3X-strong forged shank Z-lock shoulder bend Elevated point Cutting Point Black/Chrome
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Questions & Answers for Owner Owner Wide Gap Plus Hook Model 5139/5339


What is the difference / advantage between the Owner's Wide Gap Hooks and the Rig'n Hooks?

asked 5 years, 11 months ago
on Owner Wide Gap Plus Hook Model 5139/5339
3 answers
answer 1
When I Texas rig soft plastic bait, I skin hook it to hide the point. The wide gap plus works better than the rig'n hook for that purpose because the point on the Wide Gap Plus is aimed more at the eye of the hook than the rig'n hook is.
Top 250 Contributor
Top 250 Contributor
answered 2 months, 1 week ago
 - N Texas
answer 2
These hooks are great for bigger, thicker baits such as swim baits like Skinny dippers, bitters naked swimmers, or berkley havoc grass pig.
answered 3 years, 10 months ago
 - Lakeland, FL
answer 3
it good fot big bass to hook on too
answered 5 years, 1 month ago
 - new york ny
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