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Customer Questions & Answers for
Airhead Heavy Duty Tow Harness - Model AHTH-2

The Airhead® Heavy Duty Tow Harness is a great harness to safely pull family and friends on skis, wakeboards, tubes, or other towables around the lake all day long. With a 5,000 lb tensile strength, this harness can even handle large four person towables. Clips simply to your boat thanks to its two 5,000 lb tensile strength metal clip-style hooks. Connection is just as easy at the other end, thanks to the heavy duty Kwik-Connect connector. The 6'' float keeps the Kwik-Connect on top of the water, away from the boat's propeller. 12 feet long to fit pontoons and larger boats as well. Rope is yellow and red for easy visibility. 5000 lb tensile strength setup Connects quickly to boat with two metal clips Strong enough for skiers, wakeboarders, even four-person towables Heavy duty Kwik Connect 6'' float keeps Kwik Connect end on top of the water 12' long- fits pontoons and other larger boats
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Questions & Answers for Airhead Airhead Heavy Duty Tow Harness - Model AHTH-2


Can you use this to create a centered point behind an outboard? Thinking about using the tie down u bolts on the transom of my bass boat.

asked 5 years, 3 months ago
on Airhead Heavy Duty Tow Harness - Model AHTH-2
2 answers
answer 1
Yes you can, that is what it is made for.
answered 3 years ago
 - Texas
answer 2
This will absolutely center behind your boat. The only disadvatage is that when a skier goes to one side or the other it does not allow the center point to move causing all the pull to remain on one side of the transom or the other. I would recommend one that allows free movement of the center piece on the rope to allow equal pressure on the transom tie downs. Hope this helps.
answered 5 years, 2 months ago
 - Elm Grove, LA
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