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Sawyer Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System

The Sawyer® Squeeze Water Filter is the lightest and most versatile filtration system on the market. The filter has a total field weight of 3 ounces and may be rolled up to occupy almost no space in your pack. The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System includes three pouches 12-oz., 16-oz. and 32-oz. which can be reused. To use, simply fill up the pouch of your choice at the lake, stream, or river and screw the filter directly onto the pouch and squeeze the bag. Drink directly from the filter with its push-pull cap. Filter attaches to most threaded water bottles, including 2-liter bottles. Perfect for traveling abroad where tap and bottle water can't be trusted. In addition to the three lightweight collapsible pouches, the kit includes a Sawyer 0.1 Absolute Micron Hollow Fiber Membrane Screw On/Off Water Filter, a replaceable Pop-Up Drinking Spout, a Cleaning Syringe, Cleaning and Maintenance instructions. Made in USA. Manufacturer model #: SP131. 12-oz., 16-oz. and 32-oz. pouch Removes 99.99999% of all bacteria Perfect for traveling abroad where tap and bottle water can't be trusted
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Questions & Answers for Sawyer Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System


How many gallons is the filter good for?

asked 3 years, 5 months ago
on Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System
2 answers
answer 1
1,000,000 Gallons!!! Filtering at 0.1 micron.
This is the best light weight filter on the market. ( under 3.5 oz with 2 bags)
2 liters filtered in about 90 seconds.
The Sawyer Mini has a slightly slower flow and is only guarantied for 100,000 gallons - That's a lifetime of outdoor usage for most serious trekkers.
Because I sometimes have to use somewhat brackish water, I back-flushed the Sawyer to clean the filter element after about 20 gallons, but it is very easy to back flush. My MSR hasn't seen the light of day since I bought this filter 2 years ago.
(I also have the Sawyer Mini & the Sawyer 4 liter complete which is also fantastic! The 4 liter is used for base camp expeditions.)
answered 1 year, 5 months ago
 - Mt Baldy CA.
answer 2
Most Sawyer Water Filters come with a 1 million gallon guarantee.

Staff Answer
answered 3 years, 5 months ago
 - Springfield, MO
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